How to Focus on Homework - Top 7 Tips to Follow

How to Focus on Homework - Top 7 Tips to Follow
Table of Contents
  1. How to Focus on Homework - Top 7 Tips to Follow
  2. Start with Preparation
  3. Workplace Setting Matters
  4. Organize the Process
  5. Follow “from Simple to Complex” Pattern
  6. Divide a Task into Small Parts
  7. Reward Yourself
  8. Imagine Your Future
  9. Set up Performance-Oriented Competitions
  10. Cooperate with Others
  11. Use a PC… Smartly
  12. What’s More Can Help You?

The questions of how to focus on homework are acute for many - thousands of students have problems with poor performance due to their inability to cope with tasks assigned to them to be done at home. There are many reasons of the issue; the most common mistake of modern students is associated with the fact that when you stay at home after the school/ college/ university class, they take to the felt literally “a couple of minutes.” The process of communication with online friends is extended to long hours, and doing the homework is postponed until later. Do not fall into a panic.

There are some “rights” and “no” to follow when doing lots of school work if you want to rest assured about receiving a grade for it. If not complied with, you risk getting low grades and underperforming due to being distracted. If you are faced with issues of focusing on homework, keep reading the article - we will guide you on what to do so that distraction problems never happen. Homework Helper has useful information to share with you.

Start with Preparation

To focus on homework, you should thoroughly plan and prepare your workspace before getting to assignments. It is necessary to remove all unnecessary objects from the table. Any kind of distractions to the student from the tasks shouldn’t be on the desk. To achieve absolute silence in the room, it is recommended to close the door, turn off the phone, TV, computer, and remove other annoying factors. It will be much easier to focus your concentration on homework. Practice shows that even a three-minute conversation on the phone leads to attention dissipation during half an hour.

Workplace Setting Matters

It is important to note that the choice of a workplace has a huge impact on the efficiency of the studying process. Every child should try to find his place. It should be a location where top efficiency to reached at. Some kids are used to doing lessons at home, while others prefer to sit in the free library or head to the park. There is not universal advice on choosing the place - it is important that students feel comfortable and nothing distracts them.

Organize the Process

It is recommended to do homework at the same time but not at night. Although the brain perceives new information fast, it needs a systematic approach and regularity to study activities and learning. Being a muscle, a human brain must constantly be at a subconscious level when it is necessary to rest and when to work. Following the day regime is one of the guarantors of your success in studies. Having set certain times to work to track, it will be much easier to encourage yourself and leave to rest. Your “doing homework” actions will be automatically performed, bringing a serious progress. You may have problems with how to focus on homework.

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Follow “from Simple to Complex” Pattern

When doing homework, it is recommended to follow the principle of “starting from simple and moving to complex.” Start working on tasks that are less difficult and do not require any extra preparation and search from your side. To get involved in the process, the brain needs some warm-up. Having accomplished simple tasks, you can proceed with big ones. It is important to take breaks and slip into a working frame of mind. It is not recommended to take small breaks to play computer games, read email, check a mobile phone, and watch television programs. It is a way more effective to listen to music or do a workout.

Divide a Task into Small Parts

If the amount of homework is very large, it is necessary to divide it into several small parts. After completion of each, you should take 5-10-minute breaks to have a snack. This approach helps to rationally spend time and increases motivation to do homework. Faced with certain difficulties in the process of doing homework, do not focus on them. Instead of aimlessly sitting over an incomprehensible task, it is recommended to switch to another point of work.

Reward Yourself

There is nothing to motivate us as much as rewards reserved after a successful task completion. That’s why it is important to have a system of “rewards” to grant to yourself after each assignment being successfully accomplished. There is no rule on what rewards to give to yourself and assure a high level of your motivation and have a constant focus on doing homework. You are aware of what things can motivate you. It can be clubbing, going to the seaside, buying a new dress, playing video games on a weekend, etc.

There are a lot of examples of such “awards” - from a portion of your favorite dessert to an extra hour of chatting with your friends in social networks, Facebook. A huge role is played by the ability to objectively evaluate the results of your works. Encouraging yourself for hastily done homework would be unfair. In the absence of self-control skills, bonuses should only be calculated after the teacher checks the assignments you have done.

Imagine Your Future

In order to get inspired to do homework, you can turn on your imagination. See your bright life after graduation and successful career that your hard studies can lead to. To consolidate the result, you can create and put the so-called “board of honor” in the room with notes from world newspapers and magazines about famous people being posted on it. It is not necessary to set such global goals on a paper. Set up more realistic tasks: to accomplish a specific task, improve your academic performance to some extent, etc.

Set up Performance-Oriented Competitions

This approach will be especially great for students who have leadership skills. You can arrange a kind of competition with someone from your classmates to do homework effectively. The person who won is the one whose grade level for the tasks performed during the week will be higher. To get top competitive spirit and motivation, invite several people at once. The only condition is that their performance should be approximately at the same level; there may be less value of the competition.

Cooperate with Others

Another good way to be attuned to homework is to start doing it with your classmates. It is enough to invite just one friend so that the process goes much faster. It should be agreed that any unrelated conversations and entertainment are “allowed” only after the task completing. If you can not get focused on doing homework when with a friend, you can move to the school library. There are other students present and complete silence, which encourages a productive work. What’s more, the availability of diverse literature is another benefit of this option you can get advantage from.

Use a PC… Smartly

The computer is a real storehouse of valuable and helpful information. You can resort to assignment apps when doing homework. Finding the meaning of incomprehensible terms, translating some unknown phrases, finding interesting facts on the topic, viewing useful video materials on a website - all these are possible if you use a PC. The main thing here is not to switch your attention to a fun movie or your favorite online game. The computer should become an assistant in your work, speeding up the process of doing homework. You do not need to make a basic bet on it; you have to always understand it. The “electronic friend” may turn into an enemy, hindering the process of your intellectual development.

What’s More Can Help You?

If none of the above-mentioned methods leads to the desired result, it is recommended that you seek help from your parents or teachers. There is nothing shameful in recognizing your inability to concentrate on homework. The cause of this problem is associated with the banal laziness, which is easy to overcome by collective family efforts. Avoid focus block problems and stop having poor academic performance by following our recommendations. We hope they will be useful to learn how to stay focused on homework.