How to Make Homework Fun and Develop a Will for Studying

How to Make Homework Fun and Develop a Will for Studying
Table of Contents
  1. How to Make Homework Fun and Develop a Will for Studying
  2. How to Do Homework: Positive Attitude
  3. How to Make Homework Fun and Quick with a Proper Atmosphere
  4. Proper Homework: Scientists’ Opinions
  5. Is Doing Homework with Parents Useful?

Nowadays children are born and get to the university at once. Parents are obsessed with children’s success and try to create a genius long before getting to a kindergarten. One of these attempts concerns homework. A question ‘How to do homework?’ touches both children and parents. Here you can read about various decisions to make to solve the problem. Learn how to make homework fun, and what is a proper studying atmosphere.
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How to Do Homework: Positive Attitude

To turn a child’s daily routine into homework fun you need to make him/her eager to do it. If you say this: ‘I know your assignments are not what you like most of all; you HAVE TO do them’, it will demotivate a child at once. Think opposite, keeping in mind the three aims of every assignment:

  1. Understand what you just have passed at school. By the way, you will search for and know many interesting and useful things.
  2. It is so cool that you do your homework and learn how to act separately from the class without any help. It is good assistance in the future life.
  3. It is so good you learn how to plan your time. Time management is important.

Everybody knows children imitate adults. To make your child know how to do homework you have to be a good example. Try to perform your duties when your child is doing homework. Let him/her know that every age implies own duties and obligations for people. Without your work, there would be no home, food, etc.

By the way, obligations and duties can be tough. It does not mean a child should solve them without assistance at all. When he/she is grown up, the time of college and university assignments will come. And your child will probably use help with writing if there are no huge talents. On this site, he/she will be able to hire professional writers.

How to Make Homework Fun and Quick with a Proper Atmosphere

It includes a properly arranged workplace and no distraction. Some children and adults assume that music improves their workability. Maybe, it is good with some children. The Background noise helps to make work easy. Difficult tasks require more concentration. Do not forget about rest from work. If you teach your children to rest properly, a question ‘How to make homework fun’ will not bother you anymore.

Do not underestimate a comfortable workplace. It is measured by a proper seat and the availability of all required instruments. The best workplace for writing is a special table or desk. To complete other assignments a child can choose a more comfortable place:

  • Coach.
  • Armchair.
  • Carpet on the floor.

These are the zones of additional care about a child’s posture and the distance between the eyes and a page. Anyway, you have to supply a workplace with enough light. It is better to place a desk near a window. The natural or artificial light should fall from above or from the side opposite to the writing hand. If the general light in the room has a white or yellow shade, the lamplight must be the same. The atmosphere is about great focus. To understand how to focus on homework read this article through.

Proper Homework: Scientists’ Opinions

Nowadays many children and parents are obsessed and bothered with lots of homework. Many scientists have been conducting experiments and researches; their results will please children and help them in the school, college, or after graduation from university, in the real life.

  • Elementary school children can forget about homework. Harris Cooper conducted a meta-analysis of educational researches. According to this data, studying at home makes sense in high schools. A rule ‘more homework=better knowledge’ is not persuasive in middle schools, and it loses logic completely in elementary schools.
  • Sometimes homework can be harmful. The same research scientists get arguments against homework: tasks can lead to tiredness, stress, loss of interest to a class. They take a lot of time. By the way, every parent sometimes agrees with this statement. If you do not want your child to spend the whole life with books, order professional assistance for him/her.
  • More tasks – fewer results. A research conducted under the control of the American scientist Fernandez-Alonso tells that if a middle-school student wastes more than 90-100 minutes a day to complete homework, his marks start turning worse. If you see that a child is stuck for more than 2 hours, make him/her have a rest.
  • How much time do you need for tasks? The American National Educational Association supports a rule of ‘ten minutes’. A child needs ten minutes to do all homework in the first grade, 20 minutes in the next one, and so on. In the graduate year, this time must not exceed 2 hours.

Is Doing Homework with Parents Useful?

Along with these researches, many scientists argue about the parents’ role in homework. Is parent helping child with homework even ok? Some of them claim that every parent must help with difficult questions, teach how to finish homework fast, communicate with teachers, etc. Other scientists claim that excessive attention to kids can kill motivation and attempts to be independent. The truth is in the middle: provide children with help and advice only if they ask for them.

Do not underestimate helpful resources, where you can hire experienced helpers in one click if you cannot do it alone. This is not about how to cheat on homework, it is about making your child believe in himself/herself. Never try to make an easy going and all-around genius. And do not fall into despair if your kid was not born with lots of talents. Diligent work and timely help will always do better.