Life after University

Life after University

Since the childhood we have been told: " Study well at school – you will enter the university", "Study at university well, you will find a good job", "Go to work, you will receive pension". Remember? Still! But parents didn't consider that fact that now is another time, and work isn't the only way to realize yourself in professional life. And now to find good work is a piece of cake. Employers want skilled experts, but aren't always ready to pay for it well. When you graduate from the university and you face severe reality of life, you are often disappointed by what you have been offered. The most courageous ones don't throw everything on drift, and look for the solutions of this problem. Someone creates start-ups, someone uses relations (if they have it), and someone goes abroad. No matter what option would be chosen by the university graduate, all come to a consensus: self-education is necessary. In higher education institution we get a lot of theory and not enough practice. For this reason there is no experience. When the graduation from university is looming on the horizon, thoughts about future come to your mind all at once and you get into a whirlpool of the real despair. While your friends invent smart plans initially after study (hiring home work assistance, for example), you succeeded only in viewing of the infinite series and periodic panic attacks devoted to the terrifying crisis in labor market. Soon your entire student's privileges will become the things of the past and when someone from relatives will be brave enough to ask about your career plans, he is running a risk of becoming the witness of a nervous breakdown. If it sounds familiar then read through the next points.

You are still young

If you entered the university right after school, at the time of the graduation from university you have to be no more than 23 years old and therefore it isn't obligatory to grab any boring eight-hour work which you will be offered. You don’t need to hurry, just wait a little with fatal decisions. Find out all the realities of life after university.

Comparison is just waste of time

If your friend, classmate, or neighbor wonderfully found the work of dream for few days, doesn't mean that you are a loser by default. Don't look back at others, the way of each person is unique.

You won’t understand who you want to be, before you understand who you are.

During study at university the young people are discouraged by the motley and raging student's life, new to them, and they sometimes change completely. Their outlook on life, the purposes and ideals, even interests changes. To know for sure what your priorities are now, test yourself, try something new while there is an opportunity. You have to look for, experiment, try, and not only during study, but also after it. And if you think that it is already impossible, go back to point 1. There is no place to hurry, but it is a high time to become courageous and be open to new challenges.

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Lots of successful people chose their career accidently.

According to recent researches, 19 of 20 yesterday's students change some places of work within the first three years, and, many of them change the specialty. Be ready that the career of your dream will be not the one that you expected. Also don’t be afraid to trust in a fortuitousness, sometimes this is the best decision.

Your certificate won’t be in vain.

If all these years you have been studying psychology and then suddenly you have decided that it is not what you want to do, and what you really want is to work at the fishery vessel somewhere in Scandinavia and not to know a grief, don't mourn about years spent in vain. Your diploma will never be the superfluous. The knowledge and skills acquired during study will always be useful. Moreover, the employer will always estimate your academic progress, even in the inappropriate sphere. By the way, the diploma has no expiration date so if the psychologist is bothered by the Norwegian herring, he will be able to return everything into place (of course, not without diligence).

You are not alone.

If you think that in the whole world there is no more hopeless, frightened and confused student, than you - you are wrong. Believe, almost all students face identical problem. And they cope with it. And so do you. Markus Zayntek, the career consultant, says that most of students find it difficult to answer, what their plans after the graduation. He says: "Everybody doubt differently: there are those who are interested in a concrete field of activity, but haven’t defined for certain, and there are also those who describe the situation so: “have no idea”. But the panic definitely will not help, it is just unnecessary. Don't allow plans to get out of hand, be tough and consecutive. Try to understand that you don't need to solve this problem now and then be involved in it till the rest of your life, you should make one of a many of important steps".