Without rest your work is nothing

Without rest your work is nothing

Modern life in the big city has a crazy pace, especially if you are a student and more if it is life after college. Meetings, works, projects, sleepless nights, deadlines, tests, exams – everything should be done on time! Quick, quick, quick! As a result, at the end of day you fall flat-out like a dish-towel, damning the unfortunate life. Meanwhile, for a long time it is proved that timely rest doesn't do harm at all, and even on the contrary – increases our efficiency. For this purpose a lot of time or expensive equipment isn't obligatory at all. We will tell you how to relax and have a rest literally in 5 minutes no matter where you are and help with home work.


Drink green tea: Herbal tea possesses the excellent weakening action. Green tea is a source of L-teanin which helps to get rid of anger. You will boil water, make tea and take the calming sip and it will take you just a couple of minutes. Chocolate bar: A few slices of dark chocolate will help to avoid stress and will increase mood. Dark chocolate regulates levels of a hormone of a stress of a cortisol and stabilizes metabolism, however consider that it isn't desirable to abuse it. Some honey: This product is not only a natural humidifier of skin and an antibiotic, but also reduces excitement, that is an excellent remedy for alarm and a depression. Eat mango: Take tropical vacation, without leaving the workplace. Juicy, fragrant mango contains substance under the name linalol which helps to reduce stress level. Don't worry about the juice flowing on hands this is worth it. Chew a gum: Menthol, fruit or with any taste which is pleasant to you. It is surprisingly an easy and effective way to win against a stress. Only a few minutes of chewing can reduce concern and reduce cortisol level.

New environment

Be alone: not everyone needs a forest hut, but five minutes of loneliness will help you to collect the thoughts and to clear the head. Create to yourself the Zen zone: find or create to yourself a special place for relaxation. This should be a place where nobody can disturb you. This might be a convenient chair in the hall or a lonely bench in the yard – the main thing that it is associated with rest and relaxation. Look in a window: If you constantly look in the screen of the TV or the monitor, five-minute contemplation of real life behind a window can fine clear your consciousness. Bring an order: The daily disorder surrounding you can be a much stronger cause for irritation, than you think. The chaos on a table is very often a reflection of chaos in your head. Move away all superfluous, bring an order as you need it and you will see how well it will work on you.


Stretching: When you hear this word you immediately have an image of a gym and graceful gymnasts in a twine? But it is not like this – it is possible to stretch even without getting up from the workplace. Try to stretch properly up and in the sides, various rotations of your body, inclinations. Yoga: Many people think that the yoga is very difficult and not absolutely suitable for the students’ life. However it is absolutely wrong. The yoga represents an excellent way to take under control not only the body, but also your mind. Running on the one place: try running on one place for several minutes to receive a throw of endorphins in your blood. Even short physical activity can help to win against a stress and to derive pleasure.


Listen to the favorite song: Surprisingly, what transformations with our consciousness can make the music. If you are upset or suppressed, if you need to gather or relax, try to listen to the favorite song and life will be bright again. Dance: Put together vigorous physical exercises, the motivating cheerful music and flight of soul. Such rattling mix yields positive results in some minutes. Keep the diary: Maintaining the diary will help you not only to endure easier the difficult moments of your life, but also to conduct more intelligent life. Commit events and emotions to paper, be honest with yourself and it will help you to find tranquility.


Try an aromatherapy: It will take only a minute, drip some drops of a lavender, a tea tree or other essential oil on a palm and inhale. The calming aromas can help to recover from a stress and alarm, stimulate olfactory receptors in a nose which influence that part of a brain which is responsible for emotions. Smell a citrus: Oranges and tangerines are strongly associated with pleasure and a holiday. The smell of a citrus can help us to relax, increase the level of noradrenaline hormone which is connected with a stress. Smell coffee: the smell of coffee invigorates and gives good mood. This drink has not only tasty unforgettable aroma, but also it has a lot of other useful properties.

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All in all, never forget about rest. It is not an end of the world if you take 5 minutes and abstract your mind from daily routine and relax. This will make your further work more efficient and your mood more elevated.