10 Stunning Homework Apps to Enhance Your Learning Potential

10 Stunning Homework Apps to Enhance Your Learning Potential
Table of Contents
  1. 10 Stunning Homework Apps to Enhance Your Learning Potential
  2. MyHomework
  3. Study Aid
  4. The main benefits of Study Aid app are:
  5. FlashCards Deluxe
  6. Documents to Go
  7. The main benefits are:
  8. 30/30!
  9. iStudiez Lite
  10. MyScript Smart Note
  11. xMind
  12. Todoist
  13. Scanner Pro

Do you remember the scene from “Minority Report” starring Tom Cruise where his hero, a policeman from the future, gleans tip-offs from 3 psychics to predict the crimes? It allowed preventing people from breaking the law. It seems like the artificial intelligence of that level is impossible! However, such a phenomenon as a homework app makes both young & older generations trust in the power and productivity of e-learning and answers the question: who invented homework. Every homework planner from the list was designed to daily assist students around the world in achieving better academic results.

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My Homework app aims high to help every student obtain better grades by being organized as well as possess all the needed information to be prepared to answer any questions. The major function of the app is to send notifications each time the student risks submitting his assignments late.

The advantages of this student homework planner include sync across devices – access your tasks at any time wherever you are, special assignments widgets, class trackers, and deadline reminders. Another advantage is the premium version, which is $4.99 per year! The free version includes features listed above.

Homework apps are compatible with iOS & Android; a free version is limited and has a lot of advertisements. It is the main disadvantage of the given planner.

Study Aid

Teachers name flash cards among the most effective learning apps: they help to learn, organize and memorize necessary data through visualizing images. Study Aid functions as some fun game! Swipe left/right to go forwards/backwards, and move down/up to obtain answer or question respectively. Students share their favorite learning flashcards using e-mail to practice in teams remotely.

The main benefits of Study Aid app are:

  1. Speed & lightweight
  2. Multiple language interface

The main gap is Study Aid is not considered one of the official Watchtower society applications, and it lacks the functions of reminders. Study Aid is compatible with Android devices as well as iPhone & iPad compatible, and it is free of charge.

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FlashCards Deluxe

Modern app developers pay attention to children with special needs: these young citizens form a great part of their market share. Kids diagnosed with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) suffer from the regular memory loss. They face other problems in their life associated with the work of a human brain.

They would love bright, user-friendly flashcard app. FlashCards Deluxe is easy to install & use – replace the studied cards with the new exciting images to speed up the learning process. Other advantages include:

  1. Opportunity to create personal flashcards & share them via email or personal account with friends and family who use FlashCards Deluxe;
  2. A wide range of pre-made sets downloadable from the app’s library (more than four million templates).

The homework planner costs $3.99 on Google Play store, and it is fully compatible with different iOS & Android devices. All you need to do is - download it from the store, make a payment, agree to privacy policy terms and enjoy the app and in-app offers!

Documents to Go

Because of its high prices, Documents to Go is associated with university students who dedicate a lot of time to their educational process and projects. If you have a part-time job and a lot of homework, it won’t be a problem. Purchase any best homework planner app to minimize your efforts; your parents / family can help you financially.

The main benefits are:

  1. Compatibility with many existing file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF);
  2. Ability to study and stay in any position and from any site and point in the world;
  3. Ability to track and exchange files between various devices.

Students who have to type large-scale critical article reviews or book reports would appreciate Documents to Go.

The recommended app is compatible with both iOS & Android devices. It looks a bit expensive compared to the previously mentioned apps. Pay $16.99 being an iPhone / iPad user; give away $14.99 if you prefer Android mobile phones / tablets.

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Have you ever failed to complete your assignment just because of the task’s volume and limited time? The problem might be a huge volume. E.g., your Accounting professor wants you to prepare a balance in Excel table, write the results on a separate sheet of paper, and interpret the graphs you have created to support your project.

Through breaking such assignment into management chunks, it is possible to allocate time & resources necessary for its on-time solution correctly. The advantages of this homework planner are the following:

  1. Free usage;
  2. Easy and simple user interface;
  3. Perfect organizer and calendar.

The biggest disadvantage is the lack of compatibility with Android & Windows devices as the majority of modern business-oriented students find it difficult to solve large assignments without such assistant.

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iStudiez Lite

Students who find it hard to complete their college assignments being distracted by different external factors like television/computer games love using iStudiez Lite. It is time to map out the upcoming study term! Every learning semester is equally important - a good homework reminder app might save your day.

Even if you choose a free version in the store, you automatically gain incredible benefits!

  • Managing the entire course made of five classes
  • Controlling maximum 15 classes or tests per course + 15 tasks + 5 professors/teachers
  • Setting alarms
  • Planning holidays & special events

Pay just $2.99 in case you enjoyed working with Lite version to get access to iStudiez Pro version with its separate setup process, absence of ads, availability of push notifications, and backup features.

The gap is the lack of Android version. Android mobile users can try Timetable, iStudiez closest analog.

MyScript Smart Note

It may sound weird but students who prefer handwriting exist in this life; they prove it each session when they start taking notes manually. The reason is notebooks & laptops are heavy to carry them everywhere, and tablets are not acquainted with the long writing process. Students find it hard to type on their tablets. Notebook software, which makes it possible to let students write with their fingers/stylus, does not fit the speed most instructors to choose during their lectures.

MyScript Smart Note is developed to recognize your handwriting! Several major pros of this wonderful app that does your homework partially are:

  • A wide range of possible languages (but for English)
  • Impressive handwriting recognition features (99% accuracy)
  • Dropbox & Evernote sync
  • Ability to remove your handwriting with the digital analog by converting it to the popular file formats like DOC or PDF

The note-taking application is what every modern college/university student needs to succeed with his/her academic assignments. At last, the user may edit his/her handwriting with the help of special gestures (the instructions include the necessary details). Save your materials to any cloud once you’re done to access them at any time.

The disadvantages are:

  • The lack of free version features
  • Limited iOS opportunities
  • A stylus may be required

If you find this homework planner useful, purchase the paid version which costs &1.99 (iOS devices) or $2.71 (Android devices). MyScript Smart Note have prepared some other exciting apps to help with homework on the official website – check it out! Your homework is fun with this fantastic app.

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It is hard to imagine the process of note-taking and learning without such effective studying techniques as mind mapping & brainstorming. Students who find these two methods confusing should try different apps to help with homework focused on creating meaningful, clear mind maps.

It is better to call xMind a homework software. Mobile applications from these developers are not currently available on the market. Thus, students who love working with their Windows, Mac, and Linux personal computers/notebooks will find the application useful. It serves as both planner & homework reminder app.

Even a free version of the homework planner can boast many pros:

  1. Extra business-level features
  2. Mind mapping instrument
  3. Sharing functionality

The free version offers a variety of instruments. They aim to help students with their in-depth researches and project planning. Business Administration students worldwide share xMind is one of the best learning apps they have ever tested.

The cons include:

  • Obligation to pay for the cloud service
  • Absence of mobile applications


Unlike many professional writers & bloggers, students share that most of the Evernote’s functions do not make sense to them. College students demand only a to-do lists software. They need several Web URL bookmarking features at maximum.

A homework planner called Todoist is a limited homework reminder app focused on the most wanted functions. The main advantages of the free version are:

  • Project/subproject + tasks/subtasks clear division
  • Assignments tracker
  • Reminders & notifications
  • Bookmarking attended web pages

It is possible to mix the mobile application with a Web browser plugin to obtain a complete package of features. The application is compatible with almost everything: from Android to Mac & Windows. Set Todoist extension for Chrome or Firefox to work with it on your personal computer/laptop. If you wish to have the same pack of features along with extra opportunities, spend $20 to get Things for iPad application. Todoist is a free management app.

Scanner Pro

Students deal with lots of writing assignments: essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, etc. Find a paper sample you wish to use and let Scanner Pro scan it to convert into PDF file. The main advantages of this homework app include:

  1. Synchronization with Dropbox & Google Drive;
  2. Feature which allows discovering created docs + receipts the user has scanned and convert these files to PDF.

Students may obtain free solutions to scan necessary study materials, but Scanner Pro, which comes for $3.99, wins in terms of PDF file accuracy.

The main problem it works on iOS mobile devices only.

To improve your current grades along with overall academic performance, download & install at least a couple of these useful homework applications. These apps can help with your exam preparation, writing assignments, schedule, allocation of resources, memory training, do math homework, and more. Keep in mind there is the easiest way out of any academic problem. Order a custom essay or research paper online to sleep well! If you know other great academic application, feel free to share your impressions in the comments.