Should Parents Help with Homework? Advantages & Disadvantages

Should Parents Help with Homework? Advantages & Disadvantages
Table of Contents
  1. Should Parents Help with Homework? Advantages & Disadvantages
  2. The Proper Amount of Homework
  3. Why Lend a Helping Hand to Your Kids When It Comes to Studies
  4. Pros of Assisting Young Students with Their Homework
  5. What are the Possible Cons of Helping Kids with Homework?
  6. Tips from Experts on How to Help Children with Homework

60% of parents today think that their kids receive a fair amount of homework. More study & practice makes students better understand points included in their lessons. However, some school & college children do not feel okay with the after-class assignments they get. The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities. Parental involvement in homework is what can help a child to understand specific concepts better. Thanks to work in a team, a child develops critical skills faster. There are always two sides of the coin. While some tutors support the idea of doing homework with your parent or friends, others believe that it prevents kids from being independent and researching the issue in-depth. So, should parents help with homework? In this post, we will find out whether parents must take an active part in the process of learning or not and where to get online homework help.

The Proper Amount of Homework

The primary question is how much homework is too much. Experts in the field of college education recommend assigning tasks that will take no more than 2,5 hours per day. While in elementary school no homework is recommended at all, the amount increases with every new academic level. College students spend 2-3 hours on their homework assignments. As many of them live on campus, they cannot ask their parents to help. 

 Middle & high school students may lack independence and critical skills, and these groups of kids are the ones who require some assistance with their tasks. They miss the point that their parents are not Jacks of all trades. While some adults specialize in healthcare & nursing, others may have no higher education at all and remain unemployed without any experience. 

 The worst part is when such parents lead their kids in the wrong direction. It is you who should be assessed, not your mom or dad.

The teacher can answer all the questions necessary to cope with after-class tasks, and that is why experts claim that parental involvement is useless. The problem is many students are shy to ask about things they don’t understand. 

The primary step to success with homework assignments is to understand the pros about homework.

Why Lend a Helping Hand to Your Kids When It Comes to Studies

One of the main benefits of assisting your children with homework assignments is the ability to learn more about what youngsters study at school today and decide whether this knowledge is appropriate for your kids. Some parents were shocked to find out what students learn in gender studies classes. If parents think that some subjects are useless or even harmful to their kids, they may want to choose a remote education. Thanks to modern technologies, it is possible. They should still keep in mind that distance learning may be the reason why their children will find it difficult to communicate with people and work in a team in the future.

Doing homework assignments with children motivates parents to take a more active part in school or college life. It encourages them to communicate more with teachers in case they see that their kids receive an unfair amount of homework, easy tasks, or assignments that are useless. Communicating with staff is the best way to improve the quality of education.

It may be difficult for a child to concentrate on education. If parents partially control the process of doing after-class tasks, it helps their kids to overcome writer’s block and other obstacles that prevent them from starting homework. Read our guide to find out how to focus on schoolwork. Parents can help with setting timeframes: young people are usually bad at planning, so the elder ones should help them to develop time management skills. It’s also up to the parents to provide students with necessary resources & supplies. Without taking a look at the homework assignments, they will have no idea what their kids might need for studies.

Some of the studies show that children dedicate more time to after-class tasks when parents take part in the learning process and assist them. Kids consistently finish assignments if their parents are involved.

Pros of Assisting Young Students with Their Homework

So, helping with homework leads to the following benefits:

  • Increased speed of work
  • A better understanding of the material
  • Improved communication
  • Proper time management
  • Motivation & inspiration through brainstorming
  • No late papers

After discussing benefits, let’s move to how parental involvement can make the things worse and it what cases.

What are the Possible Cons of Helping Kids with Homework?

Family members can go too far doing the whole task instead of the kids. They stop seeing the limit as helping their child whenever they ask is like a nasty habit they can get rid of. It is better to give hints instead of the full, detailed answers simply. The children should be motivated to find the reply on their own to develop a deep understanding of the subjects along with critical skills such as:

  • Research
  • Reading & comprehension
  • Data analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Writing
  • Proofreading & editing

Solving an academic task for your kid, you do not empower him/her to achieve the learning goals. A child has to try theory in practice to get how it works. Otherwise, this little person won’t be able to answer the teacher’s questions in class, and it may lead to a decrease in grades. It’s a poor precedent for success in future life. What students can pick as an alternative if they really need help running out of time or failing to get the main point of homework assignment is the professional writing service like ours.

We conclude that the main principle of effective help with homework is to avoid providing a complete answer to the question. Parent’s responsibility is to make sure a child has everything necessary to study. We’re talking about basic tools & equipment like pens or personal computers. At the same time, experts recommend limiting access to games and blocking websites that can distract the kid from studying. 

Tips from Experts on How to Help Children with Homework

Here are more tips if you want to assist your child instead of making the situation worse:

  • Develop a regular schedule for doing homework assignments
  • Provide a space in your house where a child can do tasks without being distracted
  • Arm your kid to the teeth with tools & resources they might need for the learning process
  • Help with guidance - not full & detailed responses to the questions
  • Assist with developing time management skills; you may break long assignments into several parts
  • Stick to the free environment pressure meaning allowing breaks and not forcing to complete the assignment by the specific time (no one likes to work under pressure)
  • Watch the way your kid studies and find the best approaches to supporting their educational process at home (show flashcards or images to a visual learner; discuss the topic aloud for an auditory student)
  • Involve autonomy to make your child more independent (“sink or swim!”)

The earlier you explain to your children that they should do homework on their own, the more self-organized they will grow up. Encourage kids by explaining why certain subjects are important in life. Using examples from real life will do.

By providing directions instead of answers, you will motivate a child to take part in an exciting quest-game where you can involve a fabulous price like cookies or toys in case of the correct answer(s). Such activities will help your kids obtain the skills required for success both in the classroom and outside of it. So, it is up to you to decide on the proper answer to the question, “Should parents help with homework?”

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