Who Invented Homework and Why?

Who Invented Homework and Why?
Table of Contents
  1. Who Invented Homework and Why?
  2. Homework in the Education System: History Facts
  3. Why Is Homework Useful and Important?
  4. Get Professional Assistance with Your Homework

Many students get a lot of homework at school to gain knowledge and practice their skills. The process of learning requires a lot of time, the ability to concentrate on essential things. We're going to tell you who invented homework and share some quick tips on how to fulfill your homework at home.
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Homework in the Education System: History Facts 

So, who invented homework? Some people believe that a teacher from Italy Roberto Nevilis did it and improved the educational system by developing knowledge of students with homework. According to this fact, students were learning some material at home to enhance their knowledge. In fact, nobody can confirm that Nevilis existed and invented something to develop school education.   

Coming back to 18 century or earlier, it's understandable the school teachers or tutors had to check student's skills. The process of learning in education included fulfilling some assignments in class, and then every person had to write their homework at home to practice new skills. If pupils didn't make their homework given by their tutor or teacher, they got low grades as a punishment. 

Nowadays, students improve their knowledge and skills at school quite different: they don't need to write on the paper but more often type. They use various devices to learn new material, including ebooks, laptops, and smartphones that help to improve their knowledge and the process of studying in general. Every person must spend time and work on the material individually to practice gained skills and develop an ability to study and concentrate. 

Why Is Homework Useful and Important?  

Many students hate homework, but is it so harmful? It wasn't invented as a punishment as many of us tend to believe. Homework brings a lot of benefits to YOU first of all. You learn to be more concentrated, make priorities, practice various skills and develop your outlook. These points are crucial to be satisfied with yourself and a vital point in socializing. So why should students have homework?

Here are the main benefits of homework:

  • You can study in own rhythm, different from a class where a tutor may hurry up the process of work. 
  • During the homework process, the assimilation of new material is much better compared to work in class.
  • The tutor can teach you how to work on the assignment, but it's important to study new material individually to get good practice.  
  • Homework helps to develop organizational and time-management skills, teaches to make plans to fulfill the task within a deadline. 

In fact, that person who invented homework helped to develop the educational system and increase the quality of knowledge by the better assimilation of new material. There is no reason that homework should be banned. When you get a new assignment to fulfill as homework, think about the process of studying that may help you to make a qualitative paper and get a high grade from the tutor.    

Here are some tips on how to focus on homework and avoid distraction:

  1. Find a comfortable place to work.
  2. Remove all distractions.
  3. Manage your time correctly.
  4. Listen to your body clocks.
  5. Make breaks and encourage yourself.
  6. Make sure you have all the needed tools.
  7. Try to make a part of your homework in class.
  8. Work in groups with other people.
  9. Use additional sources.
  10. Sometimes creating your methods of learning can be helpful. 
  11. Set your goals correctly.
  12. Set priorities right — select the most challenging task and make it first!

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