Tips on How to Write an Effective Research Essay Introduction

Tips on How to Write an Effective Research Essay Introduction

Your research paper is a challenge and a chance to show you’ve been working a lot on the assignment. You have to make this essay great, and, like any other academic essay, it must have the Introduction part.

You need to prepare your readers for the idea you’re about to deliver. And doing it properly is always a challenge. Fortunately, our professional writers would like to share some tips with you and provide assignment homework help. For example, you need to do math homework, we have got you covered. So let’s take a glance at some of the basic principles of a good research paper introduction.

Starting Your Introduction

A research essay Introduction is often about half-page in length. Sounds not too scary and complicated, right? Well, your research might need a broader explanation, and you should do it in the Introduction. In this case, make your Introduction longer. The first thing you want to provide is the supporting information on your topic.

Describe the situation or the phenomenon you are researching in several phrases providing the background. For example: “Charity shops were not very popular in Europe in the first half of the XX century.” If you’re writing an American dream essay, you can start with a general statement moving on to more specific statements. If you’re a scientific essay writer, then begin with the significance of your research providing some background in the Introduction.

Identifying Your Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is a part of your Introduction that usually consists of one or two sentences and conveys the main meaning of your writing. What have you found as a result of this research? The answer to this question will become the basis of your statement. We suggest our users use argumentative thesis statement examples. It is better to see once than read a lot of times.

Your thesis statement should not be a question or a vague observation. It has to have precise info expressed shortly. Example: “Charity shops are a great way of enhancing the lives of the needy through donations and specific programs.”

After that, you may also provide the main ideas with a reader will find in the essay. Place them in Introduction in the same order they will appear in your essay. This will encourage your reader to continue.

Introduction Must be Clear Correct?

Any Introduction will fail if it has at least few mistakes. That is why proofreading is very important, and you need to check your essay before submitting it. It’s also helpful to write the Introduction after you write the main parts. Then you will have the picture of your essay in your mind, and it may be easier for you to write what your work contains.

Your Introduction has to prepare the reader for the specific information you will be giving. Try to imagine whether everything will be understandable as a person reads the Introduction you’ve provided. Is it easy to get the core issue, learn about the background and get ready for the main research? A good Introduction has to help your reader to deal with these points.

You need to catch the attention of the readers and make sure they follow your thought as you talk about the studies. A good Introduction is an opening for a good essay. Ensure good quality of this part, and it will be easier to move on to the next chapters. Use any language technique to achieve your aim.

Tips for Writing an Effective Research Essay

The definition says that a research essay is a specific form of academic writing provided with substantial and theoretical information that was delivered after a proper research process. It should have some arguments based on the thesis.

Here are few main steps for you to follow while writing research essay:

Organisation Is the Key

  • Make a careful topic selection
  • Choose all reliable sources before you start writing
  • Get few cards with valuable info noted on them
  • Take all your notes and organise due to the main topic
  • Do not ignore the outline. Create it and follow accurately
  • Write your very first draft with a free-hand, don’t think about mistakes and details
  • Edit your first draft to match all formats and norms

Do the Proper Research

Library is the best place to do your research. There are lots of different books, articles, journals, essays, newspapers and other helpful stuff. You should find yourself some comfortable and quiet place away from distractions where you can get focused. Use local catalogues and computers to organise the entire research process.

Choose Your Research Topic Carefully

So, there are just two situations about your topic. You can be allowed to choose it by yourself, or the topic will be given to you. If you are lucky, you will choose your topic by yourself. In this case, you can think about it carefully and then make a decision.

Consider choosing something interesting for yourself, something you are passionate about. It gives you one great advantage which is called “motivation”. Also, notice that your topic should not be too general to be unique and specific among others.

Note Information Properly

Everything connected to writing should be organised. Taking notes process is no exception. Take the information that is helpful and useful for you. Use highlighters for marking most interesting and important parts. Also, you can make a photocopy of some pages you need. It will save your time. Don’t forget to write down information about the author, book, page, volume, publisher, and dates.

Brainstorm an Outline

Before you start with the Introduction, you should create an outline for your essay. Start brainstorming just after the research work is done. Just note your thoughts about your future essay. Consider every fact to get his place in your essay.

Write the First Essay Draft

For your first draft use your outline to form sentences and paragraphs. At this step, you are just trying to form your thoughts and make your ideas get into the essay shape. Also, it is possible you might need to do some more additional research to deal with the lack of information for the Introduction or any other part of the essay. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your essay after finishing it.

If you stills have questions on how to write a research paper and any other essays, you’re always welcome to visit our website and order a paper of any complexity.