SAT Score Range: What’s an Expected SAT Range for Various Colleges?

SAT Score Range: What’s an Expected SAT Range for Various Colleges?
Table of Contents
  1. SAT Score Range: What’s an Expected SAT Range for Various Colleges?
  2. New SAT Requirements & Challenges
  3. Define Your Individual SAT Number
  4. Step 1: You Need This Worksheet
  5. Step 2: Determine Colleges You Want to Apply
  6. Step 3: Type in "[Name of School] Prep scholar SAT"
  7. Step 4: Meet New SAT Score Out of 1600
  8. Step 5: Find Out Your Final SAT Score
  9. Step 6: State Your Goal

By the time you’re reading this article, you may have already taken your SAT and received your scores and answered the question: who invented homework. The question is how to interpret your results properly now. Perhaps, you want to know what each score means for your further participation. Finally, each participant wants to know how much score is enough to pass.

First of all, we’ll reply to this question briefly. Next, we’re going to interpret each result separately. Use this article as a step by step guide to explain how successful you are in taking your tests. As far as SAT results predetermine your further academic future, there are more reasons to care about them. Do you really want to start your education in college or university? Then, your SAT grade really matters, and you should get ready to face this sort of test carefully. You may even postpone your regular high school math test in order to look through possible SAT questions. Please note that the interpretations of SAT outcomes are taken with respect to the country level.

Reading and writing are not the only two skills you’ll need to pass your test successfully. Still, to get prepared better, students may use online college homework help from competitive writing agencies. Anyway, SAT is the sort of exam that requires a deep knowledge of specific subjects based on everything you’ve studied at school along with everything you might have learned on your own. But basically, all of the questions were at least one time covered during your school life. Thus, every student has equal chance to gain high SAT outcome. It’s just important to find out which result is necessary for particular college or school.

Before you take SAT, it’s crucial to know many nuances such as the passing score for your target college and current year’s requirements. Right, they might change from year to year for various institutions. The latest generally accepted SAT score was 1600. Out of this, 1000 is considered an average score. You may treat SAT as some kind of admissions where your English, writing (for example writting an essay), and reading skills are awarded the certain grade. The best achievement for the old SAT was 2400, so 1500 was an average number on the range. In any case, students need to provide as many correct answers as possible.

By the way, if you wonder about the officially registered SAT scores for the last decade, you should know that approximately 50% of all students ended up better than the given threshold of 1000-1500. Unfortunately, the other half failed.

The good thing is that now you can take any test, including SAT, online. The student will receive their tests results at their e-mail address respectively. For instance, if there are some international students who wish to study English in its native countries, online SAT is just the right choice for them. It is also the best way to check English proficiency and the knowledge of some subjects in particular (e.g., math).

According to current data, 25% of all SAT participants made it through to roughly 1200+. Thus, we can say that the outcome of above 1200 is considered high enough. Still, check the report of your target college or university to learn how much local students usually gain not to fall behind. Many students who fail to pass with 840-1000, so if you fall into that range, it might be harder for you to pass the admissions. At last, it is important to know that the majority of colleges will approve scores from both SATs for the Class of 2017.

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New SAT Requirements & Challenges

Now, let’s get to the things students might not enjoy. The test can be still taken for free, but there are many new confusing nuances and criteria. Even though the total score was made lower, the overall SAT system has become more complicated. You will have to deal with cross-test, science, and sub-scores.

Recent concordance tables are even worse. The list of the most frequently asked SAT-related questions and answers to them is provided further in the text. Once again, let’s repeat what different results mean with the help of convenient table:
New SAT (of 1600) Old SAT (of 2400)
Perfect (top 25%) 1200 1800
Good (average) 1000 1500
Poor (worst 25%) 840 1260

We would like to remind you that you have to find out what is acceptable for your specific college even though SAT is the national test which should obey the same standards everywhere. Also, it might be different with online tests. The lowest score on the range which every student can obtain is 400, but it does not mean this is a passing threshold. It’s a failure, in fact!

You might wonder whether the national average is treated on the same level by every admissions board. What if the whole American population is not actually the right ground for discovering what a good SAT grade means? Not every applicant is an international student or young celebrity with higher privileges. Based on your individual competence and skills, try to find out which SAT grade is the best you can gain.

Forget about the scale – there are six steps you have to take to define your personal SAT score.

Define Your Individual SAT Number

Step 1: You Need This Worksheet

Before we move to the next stages, please download and start reading the following worksheet. It takes less time to download it instead of writing it from zero. 

Step 2: Determine Colleges You Want to Apply

Write down the names of schools and colleges you’re interested in. Provide short analysis of each based on the objective report and your own expectations. Skip writing down safety schools (we mean those that you're 90% sure you'll get enrolled). Follow the advice of your friends if you have not chosen any college yet. You need these data on hand to learn which SAT score is the best you might gain. 

Step 3: Type in "[Name of School] Prep scholar SAT"

To find the demanded SAT score, discover a proper web page with the help of all-time favorite search engine like Google. If you have a pure interest in the University of Los Angeles, enter “The University of Los Angeles Preschoolar SAT: Desirable Score” or something like that.

The majority of colleges or schools will show a link. Double check your numbers with the help of one popular method: "[name of school] average sat score."

Let’s talk a bit about percentiles as the part of SAT score. The twenty-fifth percentile means that 25% of all students who took the exam received a score at or below that number. Mind that in case you are at the 25th percentile, you'll have to prove that you are the right candidate in another effective way like admissions essay or cover letter. 

Step 4: Meet New SAT Score Out of 1600

It is important to convert all old scores with respect to the latest rules of SAT. To do so quickly, we recommend using online converter tool, which was designed based on concordance tables from the College Board.

Step 5: Find Out Your Final SAT Score

Decide on which score is perfect on an individual level. Compare the average of all columns meaning the twenty-fifth percentile along with 75th percentile. It is best to aim higher to the 75th percentile score as this particular SAT index gives more chances of getting accepted to all colleges and schools you’ve mentioned. Your life goal is different from your peers. Thus your course name also will be different. That is why it is important to define your personal number instead of asking your friends to share their target scores with you. The hack is that you should divide your purpose SAT score by two. Whenever you decide to apply to engineering college or university, mind that your Math score has to be 50 points higher than the rest. Thus, it is crucial to know your main subject and further course list. Your English has to be excellent in all cases.

Step 6: State Your Goal

So far, your writing is over. It’s time to analyze your prepared table and school analysis carefully and compare the target SAT scores.

There are still 2 things left to accomplish:
  1. Talk to your parents to get some useful piece of advice regarding the selected colleges.
  2. Tape it to your wall. Visualize your target SAT score and college every day to make your dream more real.
Of course, it is crucial to make time and choose the best place for your study. If you are still not sure about your future college, browse the list of the pretties college campuses we prepared for our users.

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