Useful Tricks for How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Useful Tricks for How to Write a Scholarship Essay
Table of Contents
  1. Useful Tricks for How to Write a Scholarship Essay
  2. How to start your scholarship essay?
  3. 1. Brainstorming interesting ideas
  4. 2. Outlining your scholarship essay
  5. 3. Stating your strong thesis
  6. 4. Offering supporting points
  7. Steps for composing your essay
  8. 1. What is a hook?
  9. 2. Make it specific and personal
  10. 3. Tailor it to your targeted audience
  11. 4. Why are accomplishments important?
  12. 5. Avoid common clichés
  13. 6. Use your inspirational and positive tone
  14. Simple Scholarship Essay
  15. Example Personal Statement (Scholarship) Essay 1
  16. Scholarship Personal Statement Essay 2

When looking for available options to fund your further college education after graduating from a high school, you may come across different scholarship essay contests that can award you with the money necessary to earn your degree. They ask a student to submit a winning application. How to write a scholarship essay? How to understand homework importance? This process isn’t easy and it requires you to study tonns of materials, brainstorm original ideas, create an effective outline, and make a strong point. With our guide you don't have to bury yourself in studies! What is done here - we provide the main and most valuable instructions for writing the essay as well as every essential prompt a student needs to get noticed. You can also study the examples - the papers written by successful people who won a contest in the past, use efficient tips to write a good essay and - let's get to business. Likewise, you can also hire a homework assistant who will write a winning scholarship essay.

How to start your scholarship essay?

To comprehend how to write a winning scholarship application essay, read prompts to get an accurate picture and plan of actions. These are statements or questions that you need to respond to. Understanding them ensures that you’ll stay on topic and fulfill academic expectations.

If you aren’t sure what the theme your scholarship essay should be, look at the main purpose of the chosen contest and learn why organizations give away money. Write your paper with these reasons in mind. Other guidelines for how to write a scholarship essay that you should follow include:

  1. Brainstorming ideas;
  2. Outlining your piece of writing;
  3. Stating your thesis;
  4. Offering supporting points.

1. Brainstorming interesting ideas

Once you understand your every prompt provided by the financial organization, sit down and brainstorm interesting ideas to save more energy and time for composing your future scholarship essay. Write down everything you think is important and appropriate. It’s possible to generate good ideas by freewriting, the exercise that focuses on responding to the questions that you find in your prompts. Read your notes and highlight all useful ideas.

2. Outlining your scholarship essay

It may be shorter than standard academic papers and its length depends on a specific scholarship contest. Think about breaking your essay down into three basic sections. What are they?

  • An introductory paragraph (Introduction) that contains a special hook and your thesis (it’s an opening part that catches readers’ attention and draws them in);
  • Body paragraphs with strong supporting evidence for your thesis that explores major themes (feel free to use personal reflections and experiences in your content);
  • A concluding section (Conclusion) that wraps up important information and contains a moral of your story.

The argumentative essay format will help you with a general imagination of how your outline should look.

3. Stating your strong thesis

It’s a focus of your entire essay because its thesis acts as a guide or your roadmap. Make it strong to ensure that your paper feels concise and direct. What is the main point of your writing in just one sentence? Create your thesis statement by answering this question and focusing on its brevity and specificity to save time and achieve good results.

4. Offering supporting points

Include a few supporting points and essay transition words in the main body of your scholarship essay because they will help you structure it properly. They should support your thesis and be presented in a simple to understand language for a reader. These points can help you make it easier to write this paper because you don’t have to look for additional evidence.

Steps for composing your essay

If you wonder how to write a winning scholarship essay, check out these basic steps that will make your life easier:

  1. Create a hook;
  2. Make it specific and personal to you;
  3. Tailor it to your targeted audience;
  4. Include important accomplishments;
  5. Avoid common clichés;
  6. Use your inspirational and positive tone.

1. What is a hook?

A hook is the opening line of your scholarship essay's introduction that should be engaging, bold, and specific to draw your readers in. Your strong hook can help it stand out from other applications. Avoid writing vague, dry, and impersonal opening lines because they won’t tell committee members anything about your individuality and perspective.


When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” Agree or not, but hese lines from The Alchemist determine...
"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask ehat you can do for your country." These words by John Kennedy...

2. Make it specific and personal

Your scholarship essay will be strong and impressive if you focus it on how you relate to given prompts on your personal level. Use a personal approach to tell readers your story when you apply. This simple strategy will make your paper feel specific and personal while telling all committee members more about you as their perfect candidate. Keep in mind, why this college essay may be some kind of inspiration for your writing.

3. Tailor it to your targeted audience

Consider who will read your scholarship essay to make it appealing to the targeted audience. Think about their expectations to appeal to their interests. Although you should be focused, passionate, and personal, it’s necessary to include the details that can interest your readers at once. Committee members want to know your personal experiences and expect you to address prompts and meet the necessary academic requirements.

4. Why are accomplishments important?

Don’t be afraid to include your major achievements and awards because you’re writing a scholarship essay to impress readers and show them why you’re the best candidate. Put your accomplishments in context and share details about them. Use them to relate to prompts if possible.

5. Avoid common clichés

To write the best scholarship essay and impress committee members, it’s advisable to be original and honest. Many applicants use clichés and submit unspecific personal narratives. Avoid clichés because they will tell readers that you aren’t creative enough. Think about your personal experiences and circumstances that shaped your individuality and explain why you’re privileged and should win a contest.

Avoid making a scholarship essay your confessional narrative where you relay all of your terrible past sins and redemption experiences. This paper should highlight your winning life events and qualities. Confessing your past crimes will never make you appear the best candidate to win awards and get the money you need for further education.

6. Use your inspirational and positive tone

A successful scholarship essay should present a positive and relatable tone to help you win. How to achieve it? Use only inspirational personal experiences and examples to demonstrate committee members how you overcame challenges or difficulties in your life.

Don’t forget to polish your final draft. The above-mentioned tips will help you draft a perfect scholarship paper. If you still have difficulties, get expert assistance online and use top-quality services of professional writers ready to help you 24 hours per day.

Do you need a recommendation letter? Read everything we prepared for you concerning this issue and use such kind of letter without any doubts.

Simple Scholarship Essay


  There are many things that I am certain about myself and three of them are my unquenchable thirst for learning, my passion for “podiatry,” and my mission of making significant difference in the lives of others. During my early years, I was awakened to the realization that one’s life can only be made worthy through service to others. There were some people in my past whose sufferings I witnessed because of an illness. Even at a young age, I cried for them and vowed to find the ways by which I would be able to do something to help. I saw people who were close to me bearing the pain of having diabetes particularly concerning the worse condition of their feet. It was as if their pain was mine and more so because I could do nothing about it. I knew then that my life would only be worthwhile if I could be of service particularly to those who are experiencing the effects of diabetes in their feet. Every human being deserves to live life to the fullest. Each one of us has been endowed with so much creativity and dignity that makes life as the most valuable here on earth. And it is always my fervent wish to be part in the caring for the world’s greatest treasure and in contributing to the advancement of humankind specifically in the field of physical health. One way of reaching this goal is by embracing the science of medicine specializing in podiatry. This I have done wholly with all the fervor of a man in a mission. Following the motto "Omnium artium medicina nobilissima est." (Medicine is the noblest of all arts), I have embarked faithfully on my quest. I have been much too willing to learn the art and technology of the science of podiatry as well as willing to impart the same knowledge to others. There were no second chances, I have to tread carefully and diligently. So I have to be on my best, there is no room for mediocrity. Mastering the intricacies and complexities of medicine world is the way that would make me realize my dream. In this intent, I have gone through diligent studies and welcomed every opportunity and challenge to broaden my knowledge, to sharpen my skill and to enhance my confidence that comes my way even in the midst of hardships and conflicts. I have toiled to obtain knowledge. I worked while in school doing work-study because my family never had enough to provide for me while growing up. I used to work for more than 40 hours as a Nach-o Fast owner/manager from 19989 to 2001. So I learned to be very efficient and hardworking. These have brought me to where I am today. Right now, I am a fourth year podiatry student with the following accomplishments: 2001 Deans list NOVA; 2002 Deans list George Mason; and Deans list George Mason. I have also been actively involved in various extracurricular activities such as Tae-kwon-do (where I earned 2nd degree black belt training and 3rd degree black belt instructor in a DEMO team); Sports medicine; Surgery club; Hallux helpers; AAWP. I have also experienced being Class representative in Biomechanics, Histology, Radiologyand Sports Medicine; as well as participating in worthwhile activities such as volunteering at Special Olympics 2005 and 2006; MS Walk 2004-2006; and Diabetes Walk 2004-2006.

  Now, I am giving all the best that I can in every situation where I could be of great help. For examples, I have welcomed the opportunity to coordinate CME’s, conferences that bring fellow podiatrists together to learn innovative ideas and treatments. It was with honor and privilege on my part when I coordinated foot screenings project around Philadelphia and my hometown community to make the public better aware of foot disease and proper foot care. It somewhat fulfills me to enable others understand the importance of keeping their feet happy and healthy.

  I envision myself inventing some equipment and products to aid podiatric surgeons to better facilitate surgery and post-op healing with greater ease. It is my goal to contribute in making the field of podiatry well-known not just in this country but all around the world as there is increasing threat against the well-being of many patients that involves foot health, the complications of diabetes in particular. Indeed, I am hoping for a broader scope and way of serving others. This would be realized once I would be able to complete my residency. I am seeking for the means to continue this noble pursuit without having to add to my parents’ burden of working hard having two to three jobs to sustain the family’s basic needs.

  A chance to get a scholarship would be a great help, not only to my own career growth, to my family’s honor, to the field of podiatry, but to the betterment of society in general in the best way that I could.


Example Personal Statement (Scholarship) Essay 1


  I have known in my heart since I was a little girl what I wanted to be when I grew up. It was not a stereotypical child’s dream such as a doctor or an astronaut; my vision was instead something that has shaped my actions and decisions throughout my life. In the last few years I have realized that my passion for conserving the environment is a natural calling that I am destined to follow. This intuitive notion solidified while visiting my mother in Maryland a few summers ago. In my old bedroom my mother has kept framed memorabilia from my childhood. One night before I went to sleep I looked on the bed-stand to find an old article that dated back to my third year of elementary school. After rereading this article thirteen years later, with a smile, I recognized my destiny is and has always been devoting my career to the conservation and preservation of our ecosystems.

  In my third grade class we attempted to introduce higher biodiversity along a creek through adding plants, which in turn attracts other organisms. Some of the older teenagers had rampaged through and stole our plants while trampling the beautiful ecosystem. I wanted to send a message to stop such destruction and the following article ended up in our town newspaper.

  Although I was only in third grade, the destruction of the environment affected me more deeply than most of my fellow classmates and continues to do so today.

  I wish to embark on an educational journey to beautiful Montverde, Costa Rica for the Tropical Ecology and Conservation program in the Spring of 2009. In order to take this step in my educational career, I am applying for financial aid through the John E. Bowman Travel Grants, CIEE International Study Programs Scholarships, and the Jennifer Ritzmann Scholarship for studies in Tropical Biology.

  Throughout my life I have always been passionate about contributing to the conservation our earth. It became clear to me upon entering my college career that my focus should be in wildlife conservation. When I learned about this program I became ecstatic. Partaking in this unique opportunity will prepare me for my future career goals and aid to my growth as a conservationist and a young woman. While participating in this program I will apply the knowledge and resources learned during the courses that I take in Costa Rica to real world situations. I will be working in the field amongst other scientists and gaining hands on experience, which will enrich my current education and my future career. Furthermore, I will be able to contribute to the conservation of the tropical forest through my education as well as gain a better cultural understanding of the world around me.

  I come from a broken home and was raised by my mother on a very low income. Thus I do not receive any financial support from my family and little from the federal government to fund my college education. Therefore my financial needs are very high. Throughout my life I have strived to achieve my goals solely on hard work and determination. For example, the last five years that I have attended school I have struggled to receive enough federal loans to pay my tuition and have been working at night while attending school in order to barely scrap by. However, I feel like this makes me a stronger person and gives me greater passion for what I am trying to achieve.

  At this moment in time my situation is even more extreme than ever. Instead of working full time all summer to save money, I have been going to summer school in order to complete required courses before I depart for this program in the spring. The demands of summer school leave me no time for a part-time employment. Consequently, in order for me embark on this incredible opportunity I am extremely reliant on grants and scholarships to see this experience come to fruition.

  These scholarships and grants will assist me in achieving my goals through supporting my trip expenses in Costa Rica. In essence they will allow me to receive an excellent education in an amazing country as well as apply this knowledge to help conserve our precious ecosystems that are in danger of ultimate destruction and demise. Likewise, by supporting my education these funds will enable me to spread my newfound insight and knowledge to further educate the people around me as I plan to teach in conservation programs such as the Student Conservation Corps. I thank you so much for your consideration.

  At this moment in time my situation is even more extreme than ever. Instead of working full time all summer to save money, I have been going to summer school in order to complete required courses before I depart for this program in the spring. The demands of summer school leave me no time for a part-time employment. Consequently, in order for me embark on this incredible opportunity I am extremely reliant on grants and scholarships to see this experience come to fruition.

  These scholarships and grants will assist me in achieving my goals through supporting my trip expenses in Costa Rica. In essence they will allow me to receive an excellent education in an amazing country as well as apply this knowledge to help conserve our precious ecosystems that are in danger of ultimate destruction and demise. Likewise, by supporting my education these funds will enable me to spread my newfound insight and knowledge to further educate the people around me as I plan to teach in conservation programs such as the Student Conservation Corps. I thank you so much for your consideration.


Scholarship Personal Statement Essay 2


  I have found my mentor, and I’d like to tell you who it is and how this has come about. I have not yet met him face-to-face, but he has already taught me how to begin this essay with his words. Professor Anthony D. Nuttall, writing in his book Openings, tells us, “…All good openings are somehow naturally rooted, more or less remote, of an original creative act: in medias res, as against ‘In the beginning’.” Nuttall describes the importance of an opening by demonstrating the difference between the actual opening lines and the first sense of action, which will become the plot.

  The “original creative act” to which he refers applies as well to young scholars. I recognize now that I am in the process of becoming the scholar I will always be becoming. This process currently involves research that is the basis for my senior honors thesis: investigating two British poets’ incorporation of classical Greek and Roman mythology into their poetry. I have begun studying Geoffrey Chaucer and Alfred Lord Tennyson, both of whom make active use of myth in their works. The philosophy of intertextuality, a specific interest of Professor Nuttall’s, is apparent in his research on the influence of Roman and Greek classics on British poets, the very topic I have chosen for my honors thesis. While I am learning from reading Professor Nuttall’s books, specifically his A Common Sky: Philosophy and the Literary Imagination, the opportunity to work with him would inspire me to pursue further research in this field and enrich my understanding of literature and its critical theories.

  My interest in British poets and their use of classical literature evolves from a paper I presented at the 20xx Novus Et Antiquus Conference. I had the privilege of being selected as one of five undergraduates to attend this faculty conference, where I presented my work on classical mythology’s influence on the medieval author Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems The Knight’s Tale and The Parliament of Fowls. There Chaucer uses the Roman gods and goddesses to orchestrate the fates of the two female characters. Through the intervention of these deities, Chaucer shows compassion for women and grants mercy to both females. My experience as a college junior presenting a paper at a faculty conference proved gratifying on another level as well: I was pleased to receive guidance from the professors, and also to be complimented on my pronunciation of Middle English quotations.

  I came to Chaucer only after reading Chrétien de Troyes’ Lancelot. In this Arthurian romance, Chrétien represents Lancelot as conflicted - the kind of chivalrous knight whom one expects to find only in myth, yet, in violation of the code of honor, desirous of his lord’s queen. I began thinking of the tales of the Arthurian knights as more than legendary - as potentially credible historical accounts. I wrote a paper on Gawain’s rhetoric as a means to elicit specific responses in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Gawain’s rhetorical strategies and their manipulations ultimately led him to a deeper personal recognition and self-acceptance. This early exercise alerted me to strategies of language in the Middle Ages.

  A post-graduate education at Oxford based on personal tutorials and independent research is precisely the type of program I now need to pursue. Through several independent study courses in my undergraduate curriculum, I have become even more self-motivated and have been gratified to discover that discussion between teacher and student has helped me develop my best work.

  Professor Nuttall is a Fellow of Oxford’s New College, the ideal place to continue my studies in medieval literature because it was built at the height of the medieval period, the era on which I plan to focus in my graduate study. I was pleased to discover that New College is also one of only four colleges that participate in the Oxford Access Scheme, a program that reaches out to inner-city students and encourages them to seek a higher education. This program provides all students with an equal opportunity to apply to a university as prestigious as Oxford. In participating in this program, New College seeks qualified students who may not have the socio-economic ability or confidence to apply to and attend Oxford. I would like to become involved in this program because I have worked with students in similar situations from the Boys and Girls Club near my hometown, and have found supporting these students to be very rewarding.

  My reasons for applying for a Rhodes Scholarship to work with Professor Nuttall have roots in a study I undertook in 20xx. While reading Shakespeare’s The Tempest, I found a single line in which the allegorical unicorn becomes a link between the medieval era and the Renaissance. I became interested in the villain Sebastian’s professed disbelief in the unicorn, that imaginary animal symbolic of Jesus Christ in medieval bestiaries. My research on the historical symbolism of the unicorn in medieval literature led me to conclude that in rejecting the unicorn, Sebastian implies that he also rejects Christianity. An interesting aspect of The Tempest that I have not yet pursued is the masque, in which the Roman goddesses Iris, Ceres, and Juno descend upon the island in preparation for Miranda and Ferdinand’s wedding. My earlier interest in Shakespeare’s use of the allegorical unicorn will create a focus for study when combined with the masque of the Roman goddesses in The Tempest. Shakespeare’s integration of Christianity and classical mythology is yet another area I would like to explore with Professor Nuttall, for not only has he published on philosophy; he has also written Two Concepts of Allegory: A Study of Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the Logic of Allegorical Expression.

  The adventure of Sir Gawain - which leads him to a deeper understanding of self - is not unlike the journey I have undertaken, a journey I hope will lead me to Oxford University, its Bodleian Library, and study with Anthony Nuttall and other mentors. Oxford will provide me the opportunity to learn directly from authorities in my field who will help guide me in my quest to become a scholar. Like Gawain, I am striving to realize my potential through my own adventure.